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This property is located in open countryside, close to the north coast of Cornwall. Our clients wanted to construct a new dwelling within the curtilage of their existing property, but the policy position was against such a development.

However, a small building, initially constructed as a facility for the swimming pool, had been converted to residential use and we were able to obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness for its use as an independent dwelling house. This allowed us to put forward a case to replace this dwelling with a new building along the lines that our client preferred.

The new dwelling is significantly larger than the building it replaced and is located on an entirely different position within the site. The design of the dwelling is contemporary, with smooth rendered walls and a sedum roof. The flat roofed nature means that the building sits comfortably within its surroundings and is not unduly prominent in the landscape. The design was influenced by a Visual Impact Assessment undertaken by one of our Landscape Architects and, whilst significantly larger than the building it replaced, is entirely proportionate to the scale of the site within which it sits.

Planning permission was refused by the local planning authority, but was subsequently allowed on appeal; the appeal Inspector stating that: “the proposal would constitute a good standard of contemporary architectural treatment that would make a positive design contribution to the area.”

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